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Washington Facts

Washington is a northwestern state that’s home to snow-capped mountains, giant evergreens, forested islands, and even five active volcanoes.

The state’s largest city, Seattle, has a buzzing music and technology scene and is famous for its coffeehouses and museums.


Quick Facts

Capital: Olympia

Population: 7 million

Nickname: The Evergreen State


Key Cities: Seattle, Spokane, Olympia, Vancouver, Tacoma

Postal Abbreviation: WA

Major Industries: Aerospace, agriculture and food manufacturing, technology, forest products


How did Washington get its name: The state of Washington was named in honor of George Washington, the first U.S. president.


In fact, it’s the only U.S. state named after a president.

Date admitted to the Union: Monday, November 11, 1889


Size: 71,362 sq. miles

Lowest point: Pacific Ocean at sea level

Highest point: Rainier at 14,410 ft.

Counties: 39

Famous locations: Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, Hoh Rain Forest, Mount St. Helens


Famous Washingtonians

Bill Gates- entrepreneur/billionaire

Bob Barker- television host

Anna Faris- actress

Rainn Wilson- actor

Jimi Hendrix- guitarist/singer


Bing Crosby- singer

Fun Facts

Olympia is Washington’s capital, but the city with the largest population is Seattle. Close to 60 percent of Washington residents actually live in Seattle.

Washington is the nation’s #1 producer of apples, raspberries, and sweet cherries.

More than 90 percent of U.S. red raspberries and 60 percent of U.S. apples come from Washington.

The state’s official fruit is the apple.


Every true coffee lover should know that the first Starbucks was opened in Seattle, Washington’s Pike Place Market in 1971.

Less than fifty years later, it seems like Starbucks is everywhere!

first Starbucks

Have you (or your parents) ever ordered anything from Amazon?

That started near Seattle too, in a town called Bellevue, Washington.

Eventually, founder Jeff Bezos moved the business to Seattle, where it still has its headquarters today.

Amazon HQ sphere
The Amazon HQ sphere

Longview, Washington has several bridges made just for squirrels. The first, Nutty Narrows, was made in 1963 by a local builder named Amos Peters who wanted to help squirrels safely cross a busy street.

The bridge became so popular (with both squirrels and tourists) that four more have been built since then.

One of Washington’s most famous attractions is the Space Needle, built in Seattle in 1961 for the World’s Fair. It’s an observation tower that stands over 600 feet tall.

Space Needle

It’s also home to just the second revolving restaurant in the world, where diners can eat while enjoying 360 degree rotating views of Seattle.

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