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Ancient Africa Facts

Have you ever thoughts about what it might be like to visit the faraway lands of Africa?

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Even if you live in say Europe or the Middle East, it probably still feels like a faraway place, especially because it is so big and is really a continent with so many countries!

Timeline of Ancient Africa

African Civilizations Map Pre Colonia

Timeline of Ancient Africa

Civilizations of Ancient Africa

Empire of Ghana

The Kingdom of Ghana

Ancient Carthage

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Mwaash aMbooy mask

Central African Kingdoms

Mali empire

Mali Empire

Extent of the Songhai Empire

Songhai Empire

Kushite empire

Kingdom of Kush

Kingdom of Aksum

Kingdom of Aksum

Ancient African Culture

African Art and sculpture

Art in Ancient Africa

Nigerian Food Fufu

Daily Life in Ancient Africa

Griots Sambala


ancient african religious painting

Traditional Religions

Islam starts in Africa

Islam in Africa

Arab slavery

Slavery in Africa

People of Ancient Africa

Boer family 1886



Cleopatra VII

Hannibal in Italy on elephant




Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu

Catalan Atlas-mappamundi

The Epic of Sundiata

Geography of Ancient Africa


Nile River